Zea Mays Printmaking/Creating a Transparent Base for Etching Ink

Creating a Transparent Base for Etching Ink

    Researchers: Angela Zammarelli and Michael Barrett
    Update Researchers: Olivia Arau McSweeney, Pace Knowles-Donnelly and Margo Temple, 2014 and 2019

    This research was conducted to create a comparable substitute for the very popular and no longer commercially available Faust Transparent Base Extender Q699. 

    Through our research we were able to create our own Transparent Base using simple and easily obtainable ingredients. We found that the ZMP Transparent Base wipes evenly onto a range of etched surfaces, from dense aquatint to finer spit bites and hard ground lines. 

    The final formula was acquired by Hanco Inks, who is now producing it commercially.  The recipe for how to make it yourself is included in this research.


    Creating a Transparent Base for Etching Ink How-To
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    Creating a Transparent Base Ink Tests
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