Tetra Pak Drypoint

    The ultimate in upcycling and reuse of common household materials for printmaking! Learn how you can turn the packaging for beverages and snacks into versatile printing plates.  
    This tutorial will introduce you to the types of tetra pak materials that work well for drypoint, mark making strategies and instructions for printing by hand and on an etching press, including how to modify inks and prep both western and Asian papers.


    Meet Your Instructor

    Angela Zammarelli
    • 4 mins
    • 415 MB


    The benefits of upcycling for printmaking and a detailed overview of all the materials you’ll need to make plates and print.
    • 14 mins
    • 1.43 GB


    How to work with a variety of mark making tools to create line, tone and texture on your plates.
    • 25 mins
    • 2.64 GB

    Inking and Printing the Plates by Hand

    Ink modification, plate wiping and printing by hand.
    Inking and Printing by Hand
    • 38 mins
    • 3.95 GB

    Printing on an Etching Press

    How to determine the correct pressure for printing on a press, printing tips and comparison of hand and press printed plates.
    Printing on an Etching Press
    • 18 mins
    • 1.86 GB


    Tips for cleaning and storing your plates, inks and tools and final thoughts from Angela.
    • 7 mins
    • 645 MB

    Instructional Supplements

    Making a Damp Pack.pdf
    • 56.2 KB